MY QA QC – My Quality Control & Quality Assurance

Welcome to the worlds most economical virtual Quality Assurance Space ….

Virtual Quality Assurance

Our Virtual QA services offer you with accurate, on-time and extremely economical services. Our package of Services are designed to suite the requirements of


Myqaqc (MQ2) offers high quality GHS Compliant Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)/Safety Data Sheets (SDS) . We also offer to manage your Vendor MSDS data . Technical

QA- SOP’s/Protocols

While you handle more technically intense jobs in your labs let us handle your mundane QA work be it updating SOP identifiers in hundreds of

QC- Inspections & Testing

Should you need a reliable partner in India to Inspect/monitor your offshore QC metrics,we are here to service you at a very reasonable cost. Why

As a Virtual Quality Assurance company, we offer our clients a full-circle approach in the Virtual Quality Assurance realm. Our services cover strategic planning, business intelligence, creative application development, product / service promotion & solution maintenance.



Out-sourcing of Quality, Testing and Compliance Processes enable the industry to engage services of exceptional professionals at a fraction of the costs and on-demand. Out-sourcing Professionals bring to Service their out-standing expertise, professional acumen and business resources across functional domains enabling their clients to retain their competitive edge, thereby enhancing industry competence and confidence with their global jurisdictional reach and access to key resource

One of the significant development is the industry’s progress toward virtual process services & management, where certain out-sourcable business functions like Quality Assurance (QA) is outsourced to professional agencies to take advantage of their professional competence. Add to that the importance of Services emerging from Asian Enterprises with their businesses that is compatible with Europe and American Pharmaceutical/ Chemical counterparts. Today, every Western industry partners with Asian (particularly Indian) partners to stay ahead in the dynamic and most competitive global economy.