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Virtual Quality Assurance

Our Virtual QA services offer you with accurate, on-time and extremely economical services. Our package of Services are designed to suite the requirements of all types of clientele, be it order-as-you-go, on-demand, trial

Myqaqc’s (MQ2) Virtual QA Advantage :

  • We work with your Quality, Operations, Supply Chain and Regulatory teams to map the supply chain, quality and regulatory compliance departments.
  • Documenting and updating GHS Compliant Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)/Safety Data Sheets (SDS) ,Technical Data Sheets, QA procedures (SOPs), elements of the QMS framework, Batch records, Protocols (Validation, Qualification, Stability, etc).
  • Monitoring your of shore QA metrics.
  • Manage your chemical supply chains ,Control costs, manage risk and strengthen negotiating positions
  • Preparing your Quality/Technical Agreements with your contractors, vendors and third parties, to include assigning roles and responsibilities for Quality Assurance to both parties
  • Identifying, Assessing and qualifying contractors, vendors and third parties through audits.CLICK HERE FOR MORE!
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