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Myqaqc (MQ2) offers high quality GHS Compliant Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)/Safety Data Sheets (SDS) .

  • We also offer to manage your Vendor MSDS data .

Technical Benefits

  • Classification of substances and/or products to determine

the need for labeling and documentation required

  • Review of current SDS against REACH and GHS requirements
  • Identification of gaps and required changes
  • Conversion of gaps and required changes
  • Translation of hazard symbols to GHS standard
  • Gap closure for missing data fields

Formats supported:

  • REACH Regulation – Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation,

and Restriction of Chemical Substances

  • CLP Regulation – Regulation on classification, labeling, and

packaging of substances and mixtures

  • S. Occupational Safety & Health Administration’s (OSHA)
  • Hazard Communication Standard
  • GHS – Globally Harmonized System of Classification and

labeling of Chemicals

  • JIS Z7250 – Japanese GHS SDS Standard

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