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Virtual Quality Assurance

If you are looking for high quality and cost-effective out-sourcing partners who are able to provide you with one-stop solutions that adhere to stringent quality standards, tight delivery schedule, rigorous & rigid regulatory requirements,your search ends here.
Our services start from as low as 8$ for a MSDS or a simple testing procedure/protocol .Prices may vary depending on the intensity of the technical work involved.Whatever the need may be contact us for all your document needs.Get your Quote HERE
ChemNest MSDS authoring 
* Authoring,Indexing and updating GHS Compliant Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)/Safety Data Sheets (SDS).

We also offer to author  your Technical Data Sheets, QA procedures (SOPs), Elements of your QMS framework. Batch records, Protocols (Validation, Qualification, Stability, etc).


MQ² Advantages

Note : We provide Contract Virtual QA services by:


  • Acting as your company’s Quality Operations contract service provider in India
  • Inspecting ,assessing and qualifying your contractors, vendors and third parties through onsite audits.
  • Periodic reassessment of your contractors and vendors as per your vendor management programme.
  • Documenting and updating your Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS),Technical Data Sheets, QA procedures (SOPs),
  •  Elements of the QMS framework, Batch records, Protocols (Validation, Qualification, Stability, etc) for regional regulatory compliance.
  • Preparing your Quality/Technical Agreements with your contractors, vendors and third parties, to include assigning roles and responsibilities for Quality Assurance to both parties.
  • Monitoring your off shore QA metrics.
  • Acting as your Responsible Person/Partner (RP) for quality defects and product recalls, supporting your responsibilities as Marketing Authorisation Holder.
  • Providing contract Qualified Person (QP) services.