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Inspection QA


We help evaluate and qualify a vendor before you place an order.Audits will be performed by experienced and qualified auditors/inspectors as per the clients standards and requirements.


Your reliable partner in India to Inspect/monitor your offshore QA metrics,we are here to service you at a very reasonable cost.Pricing is established on man day basis @ 80$ per man-day per inspector/auditor.

Note : The above pricing is exclusive of travel/stay and taxes extra. Clients may ,if they wish to, arrange for our travel and stay ,else the same can be arranged by us at a nominal fee.


  • Qualified and experienced team of professionals from the industry with many years of Industrial experience will handle each client.
  • Auditor/Inspector details will be discussed with the clients when we make our official offer/quote.
  • We Guarantee on-site inspections anywhere in India within 48 hours of the Work Order (WO)/Letter of Intent/Email.
  • Inspection reports are delivered within 24 hours of the inspection and include detailed photographs.
  • Working with your Quality, Operations, Supply Chain and Regulatory teams to map your supply chain, including offshore quality and regulatory compliance  of your organisation ,WE DELIVER QUALITY!

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