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With deadlines to meet,you have an urgent shipment/export from India and you are in a Catch 20 situation….

Our unique business model of networking with Certified Quality Control Labs ,enables us to address all major concerns of our customers including monitoring and handling off shore QA metrics, sampling , analytical testing and reporting in real time.

myqaqc testingYour  Reliable Single Solution for all your QA and analytical needs



Analytical laboratory services Include – Techniques, laboratory instrumentation , testing methods, providing critical analysis information clients need for trouble-shooting, research and quality control issues.

Instrumentation Support : HPLC,GC,UV, Structural Elucidation support for Organic/Synthesis Chemists : FTIR,NMR,LCMS,GCMS.

  • Reliable Single Point Source for Comprehensive Analysis and Testing includes Problem Solving, Method Development, Inter and Intra laboratory Validation, calibrations & Routine Testing.
  • Post analytical interpretation of data and consultations

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