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Virtual Quality Assistant

Hire your very own Virtual Quality Assistant

What is a VQA?

A Virtual Quality Assurance Assistant (VQA) provides professional technical Quality Assurance assistance to clients remotely.

Why hire a Virtual Quality Assistant from Myqaqc.com?

vqa Virtual Quality Assistant

This is how…..

Assuming an executive works on about 50 documents on a higher average output per month here is the math (USA)


Expenditure Particulars of one QA executive Your Company Myqaqc.com
Salary per month $5000 NIL
Bonus(calculated per month) $25 NIL
Profits(calculated per month) $13 NIL
50 documents/Month - *$500
Total Pay/Month $5038 $500/month
Country:USA| Currency:USD | Updated: 07APR2016 |*Special package for USA only.
Note :
1) This is a typical example and rates may vary depending on the nature of Job assigned to us.
2) Our Virtual Quality Assistants have a minimum post graduate qualifications in chemistry/life sciences with a minimum 2 years of experience.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                3) It is recommended that clients hire a Virtual assistant for bulk products and services with a total value upwards of 500$